A Lifetime of Treats: Celebrating Special Moments with Dairy Queen

My whole life when we were deciding where to go for a special treat, whether it was a birthday, after getting a good grade or even just because we wanted to do something fun as a family we almost always chose Dairy Queen. I am old enough that even though it may be hard to believe, DQ Cakes and Blizzards were brand new! I thought they had created the most delicious treats on the planet! When they released the DQ Cakes that is all I wanted for my birthday, and when I finally got one I was NOT disappointed! It was the BEST cake I had ever had! And from that point on DQ Cakes were put on a pedestal in my mind as the epitome of a special occasion treat!

I’ll be honest I have a major sweet tooth, and a large part of that sweet tooth’s cravings are dedicated to Ice Cream! And when I can’t hold back my cravings any longer, I will head on over to DQ and order myself one of my all time favorites, a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard! It is one of the most amazing treats they have on their menu! 

So when my birthday rolls around, guess what DQ Cake I request?!? Yep! You guessed it! The DQ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard cake!!! 

But did you know that DQ recently released personal-sized DQ Cakes? When I found this out I was super excited! No more waiting for a bigger event to enjoy a DQ Cake?! Sign me up!

Now when you want to order yourself your own personal-sized DQ Cake all you have to do is pull up to the drive-thru or go to the counter and ask for a CUPCAKE! (how cute is that?)

The thing you will have to remember is, you won’t be able to order specific toppings or blizzard-flavors. You will get a personal DQ cake that goes with what they are serving for the season (they do change them each season)

Depending on when you order it, you might have different colored icing and/or sprinkles from one day to the next, it can also change weekly/monthly (you never really know) it’s kind of a surprise!

The toppings and colors change pretty regularly but the personal-sized DQ cupcake will always have the same main fillings! A chocolate cupcake, with chocolate fudge, and a crunchy chocolate center surrounded by the Dairy Queen vanilla and soft chocolate serve.

If you would like a sweet and tasty DQ treat but would like to get it for FREE, I also have a little tip/trick that I like to use whenever I get the chance! If you save your receipt from a recent trip to DQ you can go to www.DQFanFeedback.com and take their guest satisfaction survey, after you complete the survey you will be given a code you can use on your next visit to DQ for a FREE Dilly Bar!!! That’s a pretty great FREE treat! It’s one of the classics, you can never go wrong with any of the Dilly Bar flavors!

Hope this helps you have a super tasty trip to DQ soon! 🙂

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